Pay To Use: Lineart - Wolf by BaronTremayneCaple

Pay To Use: Lineart - Wolf


7 October 2016 at 00:35:49 MDT

Only $10 via PayPal, and will you get a PNG file from link.



  • You may edit the lineart as much as you like.
  • You may use/color this as a reference.
  • You may use this to create and sell adoptables (any currency!)
  • You may submit this to any gallery!
  • You may NOT claim this lineart and/or all package contents as your own.
  • You may NOT resell this lineart and/or all package contents!
  • You may NOT remove the copyright signature!

Credit in any submission would be heavily appreciated, but not needed.

If you do credit, please link to the submission you found this lineart/package in.

Any questions, concerns, or comments may be addressed via notes.