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[BARA] Capro - The Massive Bodybuilder by BaronFangerus

[BARA] Capro - The Massive Bodybuilder


3 February 2021 at 09:17:07 MST

Finishing my list of posts by the hour, here is the last drawing of the day that I made and it still makes up part of the list of gifts for my beloved bro, rontaro!
Here is a drawing in which I dedicated myself to the extreme to try to obtain a magnificent result and I affirm this because this was one of the most difficult drawings that I did because of the pose that is quite difficult, in addition to the amount of detail that I had to draw to turn the body of this bodybuilder in a true colossus!

Feel honored to meet Capro 'The Mighty Muscular Goat Bodybuilder'! Capro is an original character created by my beloved bro, rontaro!
Just like with Gerald's drawing, I wanted to draw the Capro created by my bro for some time, but a few years ago I was awful drawing anatomy and I'm still bad drawing male muscular anatomy, but I can say that I'm not bad as before.
It took me hours to draw this giant muscular Capro, my headache was terrible but the effort in the end was worth it! I used as reference to draw this Capro the work of BARA/FUR artist echin who has an account at FurAffinity; I love how Echin draws muscular men and beasts, a true master of muscle!

Well, I don't have any details about Capro's biography as this is something that my bro rontaro has to answer.

I hope made you happy, BRO!
BRO, this Capro is for you!!! LOVE YA SO MUCH!!!

Capro Wolfang is character that belongs to rontaro
Art made by me.

If you liked this drawing, feel free to comment or favorite, your opinion is always welcome!