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$70 (including hips) Detailed background + $30 Extra character +70$ (maybe fullbody for little chars or pets) for each Each order is discussed individually
$ 70.00


Each order is discussed individually Detailed background + $10 Bust - $40 Detailed background + $20
$ 30.00


One character (fullbody), background Each order is discussed individually Extra character +90$ for each
$ 150.00

How to order the art?
Just send me note!

Send me:
1. Commission type
2. Your idea
3. Character's refsheet

... and I will tell you if I can do this artwork

I do:
erotic, porn, certain types of fetishes (What exactly? It needs to be clarified, PM me for specific info. extrimal fetish surcharge only (ask me)

I will NEWER draw countryhumans

Important info:

  • Please, describe your idea in detail. Or just send me info about your character in few words and we will discuss together the idea of future art
  • References are good, but if you don’t have refs, word description, photos (clothes, appearance) will work too

Info about edits:

  • At the beginning I will show you WIP to agree on specific details and make edits if needed (eye form, some moments in character posing: different hand/head/leg angle)
  • If art is done for 50% and you want to change pose, background, view angle etc. it will cost money. Price depends on complexity

Time frame:

  • I don’t have clear timelines, it will take not more than 1-3 months. Also time depends on complexity


  • Full prepayment before start or after sketch is settled (you can make a payment according to your place in queue list)

About refunds:

  • If work not started – 100%
  • Detailed sketch is done – 90%
  • Shading started – 70%
  • Coloring started – 60%
  • Rendering started – 50%
  • There is no refund if art is almost done and you decided to cancel commission
  • If I cancel commission because of some issues I will do 100% refund

You can use commissioned art whatever you want, but not in commercial use (we will discuss in case you need it for commercial).
Please don’t steal my artwork, you can buy right to use
If after a while you saw that I’ve lost some details on final version of art, you can make an edit by yourself, but please notify me. Mostly I agree to make correction by myself

After completion I will send you two versions of artwork:

  • In high-quality resolution, you can print it for yourself for example
  • In low-quality, you can share it in Internet

I reserve the right to use sketches you declined

Please let me know if you have any questions



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