Tropic Love by BarkerlooAndCity

Tropic Love


25 April 2018 at 17:44:16 MDT

cus i’ve been laying under palm trees, waiting for the summer
knowing there’s nowhere to go
cus i am happy on this island, wanna be my funland?
i don’t ever want to leave
i’m in a tropic love

i use my personal art to push my boundaries and try new things and this piece is FULL of firsts! first full detailed background, first buildings from scratch, first sea / water effects, first full lighting effects

while it may be a bit lame to do self insert pairings or whatever, drawing Bolt and Jess this year has really kickstarted a trend in pictures that keep lifting my skills to the next level and i don't care how lame it looks anymore, they've inspired me to be a better artist and keep trying new things and that's really something!

not sure what beach this is meant to be, i was kind of inspired by Bournemouth beach (my hometown ^^) we've got some sort of Old Harry rocks and the purbeck isles in the background but we've also got city buildings which could harken to some American beach, i dunno lmao :'} wherever you imagine it to be

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