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I'm Alive. by BarkerlooAndCity

I'm Alive.


The cold rush of chemicals through your veins, natural serotonin bursting with life, as colours dance, patterns intricately twist before your eyes open or closed, it's at this moment you feel your pulse forming you, your breath lifting you, and you truly feel ALIVE.

it's no secret that i practice safe, moderated substance recreation. some of my best ideas, revelations and thoughts have come from such experiences, and so long as you're not a fuckin idiot with it and stay hydrated, i see no fault in humans wishing to see more of the world we live in through the use of chemical recreation.
there's so much to be explored, and i'm going to continue exploring so long as i am alive, i'm breathing (and when i can financially afford to lol), these enhancements make me feel even more so! life is what you make of it, and this is what i choose as a conscious adult with freedom of decision, to make of mine.
i was listening to Sia's "Alive" during my most recent trip and the choruses made my body buzz with energy as my room and features warped, i felt absorbed in the power of her voice and it really spoke to me!

needed a day off from commissions as i was stuck DEEPLY in a creative rut, i couldnt focus on anything that placed restrictions or barriers in the way of my flow and it was really getting me down - art is after all, my only form of income at this moment in time (i'm getting my benefits resorted very soon), and if i can't knuckle down, i'm not going to survive!

so i took this time to put into visual my thoughts and feelings from my recent trips on 2cb, as these experiences mean a lot to me and i was shown so much by it, 2017 is going to be a hell of a year and it's going to be what i make of it, so lets make it a good one!!

textures are royalty free wallpapers and patterns pulled from free-to-use sites.

marked as "General" because there's nothing incriminating or mature within the image itself, the use is only very mildly implied. however, if a moderator (note, moderator, not solo wannabe FA hero lol) wishes me to change the Maturity Rating please do inform me and i shall do so.

peace fellas

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