Llýr - the Abyss by baLOrKIn

Llýr - the Abyss


17 September 2014 at 10:52:17 MDT

I feel you staring at me. I feel your gaze on the surface, how you lay eyes on me, coyly. Everday you come here and look into the well, this bottomless pit.
Because you know I am here. There is nothing in this world of earth and sun and humans for you. You know it.
Come to me. All waters are connected.
I suck you in, do you good and show you my world.
Come to the Abyss

Llýr - the Abyss.

My latest roleplaying addiction. This guy has taken a lot out of me. I utterly adore him but am not 100% confident. I will surely tweak the design a little in the future but this is a good portrait for now.

This is his water form, he has a land form as well.

I utterly adore him. This is the result from my OC character creation stream with friends and folks. The AMA on character creation went great. Everybody in the stream asked questions and made suggestions and was generally great about it! =)

So thanks guys for joining my stream and helping me creating this beautiful character. <3 You rock! And thanks for going through this learning experience with me as digital media pretty much still scare me. ^^ But this is pretty much to my liking, so expect more to come.

For everybody who is interested in the process, you can watch a video on my livestream channel: http://www.livestream.com/anightmar.....on?t=235548631

Beautiful background texture is courtesy of: http://joannastar-stock.deviantart......tars-161520796

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