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Balina is a crowd


2 September 2017 at 11:13:49 MDT

One of the key things learned by BTI in the last few years is to never take anything for granted. Until such time as 100% monitoring of an arbitrary amount of realities becomes possible, it is a near-certainty that the most exciting developments will occur when you are least likely to notice.

Balina Pervola was already a stranger in a strange land, having traveled hundreds of miles from her homeland for reasons she's never felt the need to share. Due to her penchant for exaggeration, little of what she does say can be taken at face value, though she unerringly chooses to change the subject rather than attempt to give a fabricated answer when questioned about where she lived prior to taking up the life of a wandering battle-chef.

These same tendencies have made it difficult to really figure out her latest changes. Her demeanor plays it off as if everyone else is weird for thinking she's unusual, despite her extremely obvious changes. The third head has shown itself to be as closely-integrated as the other two, though to our surprise it appears that it has made her more easily scatterbrained, possibly due to the extra inputs overwhelming her old sense of symmetry. We would appreciate the Ms Mahigan's input into the matter, for her obvious and nearly unique perspective on this phenomenon. The subject's physique has likewise expanded to fit, though it appears to have become more exaggerated in all directions instead of simply widening. By itself, this is not surprising, as this subject is already known to enlarge after a period of feasting, though we must stress that this effect usually fades away fairly quickly afterwards. If Ms Pervola is supposed to be any smaller than she is depicted here, she has been exceptionally good at keeping up her accelerated appetites for the last week and counting.

Between the obvious state of her equipment and the shocked reactions she appears to be getting in places she has visited before, all signs point to this being an extremely recent event; we expect that the change happened weeks ago at the latest, possibly only a matter of days. We will continue to gather the explanations she gives, but as they range from 'second puberty' to 'ate some really weird meat' to 'angered a god by beating him in a drinking contest', hopes are not high on being able to figure out which, if any, are likely to be true.

And this is why I was waiting before posting the previous picture; I wanted this followup ready to go the next day. As evidenced above, :linkSpectrumShift: does fantastic work with lighting and environments, and I'd been looking for an excuse to get him to do some work for ages now. Also it gave me an excuse to test-run the doublemoof upgrading to a triplemoof. I took this as an excuse to just double-down on everything that makes the character: 50% more heads means 50% more girth, 50% more muscle, and about 337.5% more volume. She is a monster that goes after bigger monsters, and then makes breakfast.

Art: SpectrumShift (original)


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    Quite a character, or should I say characters? hehe. Nice work!