Balina puts her heads together by Balina

Balina puts her heads together


1 September 2017 at 19:34:51 MDT

From: "Head Moof" <>
To: "Charlotte" <>
Subject: RE: Pervola Check-in

Oh for the love of cake. Yeah, alright, keep an eye on her. Find out if this is
just a phase or if I'm going to need to start sewing extra heads onto the
existing stock. Whatever this is, it's got to be recent; her outfit tells us
that much. Let me know the moment you get to the bottom of this.

>To: "Head Moof" <>
>From: "Charlotte" <>
>Subject: Pervola Check-in
>I was running another routine check through some of our more popular subjects;
>y'know, as you do. So, I've got some good news for you, and some bad news.
>Good news: It looks like she wasn't lying about that whole 'daughter of
>Cerberus and the Minotaur' schtick. So I guess we can look for those sometime.
>Bad news: We suddenly have a *lot* of merchandise to update.

I put the blame on this entirely on Ficus and CeeJay. About a month ago, I made some ill-advised comment (link contains nsfw art), which led to Ficus drawing this piece in some combination of encouragement and teasing. It seems that if I take my eyes off of a given moof long enough, she goes and does something interesting. How conveniently inconvenient!

Art: Ficus Ficus (original)