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Balina fills her schedule by Balina

Balina fills her schedule


"I don't care how bad the traffic is. If you tell me to be somewhere at noon, I'm generally going to assume that you intend on being there, too. Either hurry up, or talk to Ashley about rescheduling. There are a lot of places where I want to be today, and none of them are here."

As BTI's public profile increases (with more than a little help from a number of incidents that she'd rather the public forget), Balina Mahigan has begrudgingly admitted that she needs to pay more attention to the image she puts out as headmaster of the campus. Her usual outfit may be fine when she spends most of the day hiding in her office, but it leaves something to be desired in formal academic or corporate situations. At the behest of an old friend she has gone in for a new wardrobe, even going so far as to use a different tailor to keep her from falling back into old habits. This has put a couple of constraints on her typical lifestyle while she adjusts, though nothing she hasn't handled a thousand times before.

Rustbreath has a flair with dynamic poses (along with other obvious factors) that made him my first choice when I wanted to start getting more art of the suit design that blew me away last month. I'd already been planning on some adjustments to how the head moof presents herself, so when something that perfect fell into my lap, my path was clear.

Art: Rustbreath (original)


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    Wow! She stays very busy. x3

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      I adore the AR setup for just this reason. She gets to look at least as busy as she usually is!

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        I feel like down time must be very precious to this character, indeed, or perhaps nearly non existent!