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Balina is always right there by Balina

Balina is always right there


Sometimes, it’s not just enough to be big. A monster may be larger than current plotonite reserves may allow, possess an armored carapace, sharp claws, or any number of other defenses that render Ms Amarini’s preferred method of conflict resolution (‘punch it until it stops moving’) ineffective. When that happens, it becomes time to bring out the heavy artillery.

Thanks to the near-limitless power provided by the Credulic Reactor, combined with her own near-limitless strength and endurance, weapons previously believed to be laughably impractical can be deployed with relative ease. Missile batteries, high-frequency blades, ballistic weapons meant for use on battleships, and experimental weapons that would normally require an impractically large vehicle to transport can simply be attached to her body and carried directly into battle. Ms Amarini herself has shown a particular fondness for a weapon she has dubbed the ‘Fist of Justice’, a rail cannon capable of hurling a car-sized slug at such implausible velocities that the initial test fire took out a satellite.

Ms Amarini has promised to refrain from loading any more cars into the Fist of Justice.

Art: Ludocrow Ludocrow (original)