Balina indulges in a sidequest (4/6) by Balina

Balina indulges in a sidequest (4/6)


15 December 2015 at 11:13:44 MST

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"Now, I do remember that right around sunset, I got this gut feeling I should turn around. Soon as I do, I realize that the monsaur is still alive! Most of the time, when I knock someone on the head, they stay down, and if dragging someone fifteen miles doesn't wake them up, nothing will. But there it was, and it was unbelievably upset at what was going on."

Art: Rabid_Cowolf Rabid_Cowolf (original) (Patreon!)


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    Doublemoof was complaining about its taste all of a few pages ago! Pfff I guess anything can be appetizing when there's enough booze in you.

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      Well, it's also the biggest thing in range that's made out of meat.
      ...And yeah, by my count she's had like half her current body weight in booze so far.