Balina indulges in a sidequest (3/6) by Balina

Balina indulges in a sidequest (3/6)


14 December 2015 at 10:10:35 MST

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"That lizard had apparently been completely demolishing their local crops, so everyone had gotten pretty good at hoarding up food in case of a sudden shortage. Knowing that they didn't have a monster ready to eat an entire season's harvest meant that they could easily afford to go a little nuts. Best meal I'd had in weeks, let me tell you.
"The feast didn't really stop, and neither did I. Might have gotten a little carried away, but after eight or nine kegs my memory gets a little fuzzy. I think that's why the bartender has been slipping me juice for the last three flagons. You know, I could show you how to burn the alcohol off of your regular ale, then spice it back up so nobody notices, if you wanna just forget my tab tonight."

Art: Rabid_Cowolf Rabid_Cowolf (original) (Patreon!)


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    I knew it was going to get huge

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      There usually isn't much doubt! Moofs are involved, after all.

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    D'awwww hungry moof suckling on the entire keg. X3

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      Startin' to get hard to jam her big snoot into it.