Balina has a fix on you by Balina

Balina has a fix on you


19 July 2015 at 11:41:35 MDT

This was in a big folder of cut promotional material for the campus, likely an idea that later proved unworkable for a brochure or publicity still. Despite the image she may be going for here, the head moof is almost never seen outside of her office during the day; any job that can't be handled by one of the robotic units is handled by someone else on the maintenance staff. She does have enough practical experience to fix just about anything mechanical on campus, though it's not quite clear when she found the time to learn.

Incidentally, if by any chance you do see Ms Mahigan barreling towards you, it is strongly advised you get out of the way. All her grace and agility came from her mother's side, and chances are pretty good she's not going to be able to stop by the time she gets to you. Hopefully, this was either taken with a telephoto lens, or the photographer was wearing a set of football pads when she slammed into them.

Art: RedDyeNo5 RedDyeNo5 (original pending)

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    Whu oh.

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      Moof outta the way, or you're gonna get hurt! >:V

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        I already did before you even noticed.

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    I still can't get over the fact that, as you mentioned, the toolbox is always just there. XD Like a loyal sidekick. Or a support character. Balina summoning it for help during a tough fight and just having it come sailing off screen and walloping whoever has aroused the moof's anger.

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      With that pose, I expect her to grab it and spin around, sending it flying at supersonic speed at the enemy. Get fix'd, nerd!