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The Blog P4.2 - April by azsola

The Blog P4.2 - April


I met with Pacato today, wanted to take him for some sighseeing around where I live but he seems to got distracted a lot with belly... Still couldn't find properly sized clothing so, I just went with what the best... fit. And I got a lot of stares from others as well, like people never seen a slightly overweigh dragon before! Anyway, it was an awesome day regardless and Paca bought me a lot of my favourite burgers, so I never really went hungry - I think I lost count after 13, plus those tasty shakes he bought me, they somehow made me feel more hungry after I drank them. I won't worry much for my weigh now, these burgers are so small anyway, good thing I have a big bag of them for the night, I'm already feeling hungry again.

I decided to drop an extra part in April for the blog sequence that features @pacato ! Regil is in the best hands of never getting hungry while they walk around, sightseeing. Almost shame thew dragon didn't find fitting clothes, but I don't think Pacato minds that at all :P I hope you like it!


If you would like to get this picture in full scale, you can download it for free from here: