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The Blog P4 - April by azsola

The Blog P4 - April


After I keep screweing up washing my clothes (they all shrinking!!), I decided to get some new ones on the way home from my favourite burger place. I can't deny the few pounds I gained lately, so I went to the XXL section and picked up a few of those to try but they not fit at all! I mean, I can't be bigger than XXL, right...? Surely the labeling is wrong!

Oh-ooh, someone is being in denial of his weigh! Surely, the labeling is wrong, Regil, not that 5-10 burgers you stuffing into your belly every day :3c


If you wanna grab this one in full scale, without the noise and text on it, you can do it for free from here:
Enjoy it folks, and take care of yourself!


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    That is a very nice and soft looking tum though!

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      Thank you! ^^

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      And only getting bigger!