Werefox Species Reference by Azleah44

Werefox Species Reference


22 February 2014 at 14:34:54 MST

Werefoxes are defined by their appearance, since they are the vainest of creatures. They are immensely hygienic and value their tails more than their life. A common fox saying is "A fox with no tail is no fox at all!" (This logic is used with most fox species, however werefoxes are the most adamant about it). Werefoxes are immensely clever and devious, they usually are able to find a way to make themselves immortal by their own proficiency in magic or by finding favor from the fox goddess The Great Vixen. If they don't become immortal they can lives for over a hundred years. Their tails are almost as long as they are tall, the shortest tails are 3 feet and the longest are to 4 feet long! Foxes can learn any magical power, but depending on which specific breed of fox they are and their personality depends on which powers they are capable of.

I commissioned this picture from Neara-works on deviantart.com here is her profile: http://neara-works.deviantart.com/ I can easily prove this is my work, please do not copy and redistribute without my permission. However, I do accept fanart anytime! :)

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