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Nightriders Battle of the Bands Part 5 by AxlReigns

Nightriders Battle of the Bands Part 5


4 September 2018 at 00:58:30 MDT

Chapter 3

After checking into a place called the Happy Hotel, the Nightriders decided to check out Buzzies, a new club in town. After a lot of huffing and puffing, Rolf agreed to join them for one drink. When they entered the building, they heard the latest hit song from Skittles the Rapper blaring from the speakers surrounding the dance floor.

“Is it just me or is this place unusually empty?” Lonnie studied the large empty room.

Axl observed the dance floor that was all but empty except for a staggering drunk coyote couple and a burly rhino bouncer who seemed extremely bored. “Everybody must be at the big concert at the square,” he said.

The band sluggishly walked over to the bar and took a seat on the high stools.

The bartender was a big husky brown bear wearing black slacks and a black vest and tie. With a deep cheerful voice, he greeted them. “Good evening, gentlemen. What will you be having?”

“Two Eggmans for me and my wolf buddy,” Axl said.

“Dude, they have snow cones. Can you believe that?” Lonnie hungrily licked his lips.

Rolf rolled his eyes in embarrassment. “Really, Lonnie? Why don’t you ask them if they have juice and crackers while you’re at it?”

“Hey, there’s nothing in the book of man that says you can’t have a taste for snow cones,” Lonnie replied with a chuckle.

“Two Eggmans,” the bartender announced as he set the drinks in front of Axl and Rolf.

“And I will take a strawberry snow cone,” Lonnie said as he grinned at Rolf.

The bartender changed the channel on the television screen that hung on the wall from a basketball game to the live airing of the concert. An enormous crowd chanted, “Warlocks! Warlocks!” The camera zoomed in on some fans wearing what appeared to be Viking helmets and capes, and they cheered with excitement when they realized they were appearing on live television.

“Looks like Halloween came early,” Rolf muttered before taking a sip of his drink.

“Pretty much.” Axl nodded in agreement. His long reptilian tongue quickly darted in and out of his drink to taste it, then he picked up the glass and took a swig.

“I’ve always thought it’s disgusting how you do that tongue thing every time you take a drink,” Rolf grumbled. “Why do you do that?”

Axl shrugged. “I dunno. It’s just what I do.”

“But is that just something you do or is it a lizard thing?” Rolf asked.

“It’s a lizard thing,” Axl confessed before taking another sip.

“Strawberry snow cone,” the bartender announced as he placed it in front of Lonnie.

“Been too long since I’ve had one of these,” Lonnie said, entranced with the delicious treat before him.

Illustrations by Bluepisces97

Thanks for reading!!! :D

-The Axeman

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