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Perspective practise by Axial

Perspective practise


Some practise toward my beloathed aspect... perspective... 

Its also a chance to show you my home domain! the cyberspace, though this one isnt quite finished yet, but within my home realm I have access to my Jagerstock, (double ended spear), the heads are made from Maldane Quartz, (which is a rare variant of quartz only found within the cybernetic space. additionally it is enchanted with a silica coating.) 

The compositions of the spear heads wouldnt do much on earth, but within the cyberspace I can use all the materials and abilities of the spear! I can create barriers for protection, which i can also use to push viruses away! I can also drive the spear into the ground to make a powerful repulsive force, similar to an explosion of energy. It comes in mighty handy when your completley surrounded! The last abilities that I know of are energy pulses and a beam. All I need to do is to hit the handle against a wall, and hold it tight to send the vibration through the quartz,  it resonates at a specific frequency which within the cyberspace causes disruptions in the air which appears as a beam of energy. I can also tap the spear with my fingers for a similar effect to fire pulses of said energy, which is easier on your hands.

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    This is really cool! :D

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      Thank you so much!!

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        You’re very welcome! :)