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Fifis new legs +eyes by Axial

Fifis new legs +eyes


29 May 2021 at 03:54:05 MDT

Making these legs official for Fifi now, shes been fitted with new Movement support stilts (MSS) (or legs as you humans know them) and a new MSS Union bracket (pelvis) as the old ones where from the V4, and had to be modified to suit Fifis V5 build, primarily making them shorter.

Now however she has a bespoke lower half and means that she is now slightly taller than she was before, she measures in at 4ft 3, compared to her previous 3ft 8. Her lower half is however a little heavier now bringing Fifis total weight up to 300 kg (661ibs), but these legs have much larger, and much more powerful motors, meaning that if anything she is even more nimble now than she was before.


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    It just means she had something like a growth spurt if she’s taller—she’s growing up! :)

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      Yeah! growing is always good, it lets you reach those cookies that everyone keeps on the top shelf!

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        This is quite true! :)

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    Man, those legs go ALL the way up... then her waist begins.

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    Man, those legs go ALL the way up... then her waist begins! starts giggling at my own joke
    This is a wonderful picture! It shows that, like you, your OC grows, shifts, and changes over time! Be proud of her, your art, and yourself! May your life be filled with peace, joy, love, happiness, wonder, delight, mental & physical wellbeing, and great food!

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      hehee, I will thank you very much! May great prosperity, and fortune come your way as well. I definitely agree with the great food!