Sabotage by Avencri (critique requested)

Sabotage (critique requested)


1 November 2012 at 23:06:29 MDT

My half of a trade with Jaeh. It took me a while but i finally made myself finish it. XD

I have always liked Loree since the first time i saw the character and i was happy when i learned that he wanted her drawn. So i imagined her making a sneaky entrance as usual and getting ready to leave no evidence of her new job.

It was a fun image to make. =3

Loree © Jaeh

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    The lighting is fantastic as is the perspective :P I honestly dont see anything wrong with this piece in the slightest :D

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    Absolutely wonderful piece in terms of lighting, colour use, anatomy and such. The only problem I have is that I'm a bit confused with the perspective you chose. Is she up against a wall or on the floor? I think the angle of the camera might have something to do with it.

    Overall wonderful piece though! :3

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      HAha i may have wonky perspective. Still kinda learning and making mistakes here and there. ^^U

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        Perspective is incredibly difficult, I'm struggling with it myself so I know what you mean. But looking at your current skill level I'm sure you'll master it sooner rather than later if you put your mind to it.