My name is Ausie or Otter as I don't like people using my real name really.
I'm a dweeb who adores reading and spends most of my time doing so. When I'm not reading I'm doing art or scaring my pants off with crappy horror games like Dungeon Nightmares II and Spooky's House of Jump Scares - I'm a wimp I know.

I'll try to upload onto here as with dA and fA but I'm more active on those. My commissions are open right now since I need $29 more for a necklace I want for my bday. Here are my prices and TOS:

If you want to talk and become friends I really don't mind. If you want to ask about my art or get a commission I suggest either noteing me on dA or fA or just message me here though it might take me time to get it.

Anyone thanks you dweebs for looking at my page.

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entertaining offers on characters!

on 20 May 2015 at 00:10:36 MDT

so I really need to trade/sell my babies so I'm taking offers

Not selling everything just trying to cut down as I can't love them all as much as they need

Don't note me - unless I tell you to
Don't ask multiple times - unless I tell you otherwise or I tell you I'm thinking about it and it's been a little
Don't edit your comment just recomment for me

Go swimming in my babies:

$$ > pre-exsisting designs> customs (only if you know I like your designs and have shown interest) >points > art (this is the smallest thing,only if you're offering one of the others, I don't want heavily art bogged offers)

be reasonable at least, I love all my characters and some are super hard to give up even though it's the right thing to do

Off Limits;
fursonas - Sora, Galaga, Maddie, Milly
Tine, Croc, Asako, Sorik, Pixie, Co-owned babies
any main charries with a + - I mean you can try and I stress try, cause they are my babies
Season, Tachet

btw I'll trade the triptych for a minkin plus quite a few other charries if you know anyone looking for a soosh for their minkin

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