"To have and to hold/My soul to keep" by AuraTwilight

"To have and to hold/My soul to keep"


23 May 2016 at 23:40:57 MDT


I promise to encourage your kindness,
because that is what makes me reflect in your eyes.
I promise to nurture your dreams,
because it's in there that my soul lives.
I promise to support you in all challenges,
because together, we can realize any possible world.
I promise to be your partner, your master, your slave,
not possessing you, but subliminating into a single whole.
I promise to you perfect trust, and perfect love, what defined me always
for we'll always live forever, and it still won't be enough.

For Lavante-kun, for you, for me, for all the world, and everything we'll share in the future,
I belong to you. An eternal contract, sealed on your name, and sealed with this kiss."


"Aishiteru, Harley-kun. Eien ni."