I draw stuff (usually of the kink variety). Fixing up the place here since Tumblr nuked all smut blogs, so pardon the mess. Still trying to get used to this site again.

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*dusts this place off a tad* So Tumblr happened.

on 5 December 2018 at 17:47:22 MST

For those here who somehow missed the big news, Tumblr did a major nuke. Or is getting ready to deploy one on the 17th, rather. So it looks like this place might become my main gallery at the moment.

I also have a Newgrounds page, but that one's gonna be for more polished work (so some commishes will be uploaded there once the stars align—more on that later) so uploads will be rare and with the kink dial turned down a tad. The Twitter account will have random sketches and more frequent life updates, but it's also primarily a venting space so I don't want that to be the main source of all my work.

So here we are. I'll begin uploading new stuff sometime during the month. Gonna miss Tumblr's uploading and tagging system for a while but I'll get used to it eventually.

As for lack of activity: Shit happened in the offline realms and the migraines didn't help matters much. Temperatures are starting to (finally) lower, though, so at least the latter will stop being a problem for a couple months. Gonna do my best to get all this owed stuff finished since I'd like to open up commissions sometime this century and I'm obviously not gonna do that when I still have people waiting for their pics since before the whole eviction thing happened. I feel guilty enough as-is and I'm pretty sure my reputation there's in the shitter so I'd like to at least make an attempt at fixing that before another Maria-level catastrophe happens and I'm stuck without electricity for another half a year.

That's all for now. Here's hoping no more surprises happen.

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1 - Sketch (does not include complexity charges)

Initial price
$ 20.00
add  01 - Additional characters (per)
$ 18.00
add  02 - Furry/anthro charge (per)
$ 8.00
add  03 - Furry/anthro charge (dragons/taurs) (per)
$ 18.00

2 - Inks (sketch add-on)

Initial price
$ 90.00
add  01 - Greyscale
$ 60.00
add  02 - Color (flat or cel-shaded)
$ 70.00

3 - Special (check info for availability)

1 - Painting (sketch add-on)
$ 200.00
2 - Comic (inked, per page)
from $ 150.00
to $ 300.00


Painting: CLOSED


  • scat / piss /diaper stuff
  • racism / sexism / general bigoted assholery
  • bestiality
  • underage porn
  • hyper muscles
  • donut buttholes
  • stuff from the following fandoms:
    • My Little Pony
    • Steven Universe (gems/adult humans are fine)
    • Kill Everything (webcomic + related media)
    • Cucumber Quest


  • Prices above are the bare minimum. Complexity of pics will add to the cost depending on difficulty or time it would take. Total cost can be as low as $20 or as high as over $100 depending on the amount of content (so don't expect to buy a hyperphallic giantess orgy for cheap, is what I'm saying).

  • All prices are negotiable to a certain extent, so if you cannot afford an idea then let me know how much you're able to spend. Depending on the amount, we can discuss changes to lower the price or (if I deem it "close enough") I can accept that amount. So long as you are polite then I'm willing to be flexible.

  • If you wish to keep your commission private or plan on hiding it behind a paywall, say so in advance—it WILL cost extra. I do not want to be blindsided by sudden privacy requests since it means less content on my own galleries.

  • If you missed your chance for a pic, accept the fact and move on. Sometimes the window of opportunity is open for a while, sometimes it's not. If that bothers you then just forget about commissioning me instead of complaining in notes or in commissioner's posts (seriously, that's kinda rude).

  • If I draw something that's on the "Will Not Draw" section, it's either something I owed before it was added there or a gift for a friend. Those are the only exceptions, and if you're just following under the "hope" that I end up with financial difficulties so severe that I'll cave in and draw you something I normally wouldn't then you can just fuck right off.

  • Keep furry commissions to an absolute minimum. I like it, don't get me wrong—I just don't like drawing it. The occasional pic is alright, though—just try not to burn me out on 'em or I will add it to the "Will Not Draw" section for a while.

  • And finally (this is important), I reserve the right to refuse certain kinds of commissions for reasons such as morality or the commissioner being an asshole. Do not test me on this.


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    oh huh guess I already was following you before the tumblr purge owo

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    Bit late, but just came across your page from Tumblr. Great stuff! Glad I discovered your work. :>

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    Well now that's a gallery filled with sexy content!

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    Thanks for the Favs.

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    Hello there, wanted to just say I'm really digging a lot of your stuff, you do massive proportions amazingly well! ' u'