for moguhyena by Asikku (critique requested)

for moguhyena (critique requested)


7 October 2019 at 11:06:40 MDT


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    The first thing that stood out to me is the colors. The shading is soft yet shows folds in cloths with no problem. The hair highlight having a gradient is also a great way to guide the eye to the face.

    The sketch/linework is wonderfully done. The softer color mixed with the pops of the dark colors from the hair and clothing acts as a great eye guide. The top of the left wing is oddly not lined along with the left glove, which is likely just a detailed missed. Happens to everyone at some point. What does stand out is one of the hair highlights. It's close enough to the shirt while being a similar color, causing it to blend. The best way to spot those is the mirror the art if possible or back away/or zoom out.

    The color filling is a bit inconsistent, and that's completely fine with the sketchy look, but some parts of it stand out in a bad way. One being that one of the hair strands are suddenly thicker and round rather than tapering off to a tip. There's some smaller ones partially exemplified by contrast of the colors (Primarily the top of the right wing and the left sock), but those don't caused any problems

    Hopefully this helps!

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      yes it helps. Ty ^^~