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My Favorite Cosplays of the Whole Convention by AshestoAshcraft

My Favorite Cosplays of the Whole Convention


My bff Hue's birthday was this month, so for his birthday, his mom bought him, myself, and two of our mutual friends tickets for a day at Denver Comic Con this year :D It was fragging awesome! I took soooo many photos of sooooo many cosplayers who did just some seriously amazing jobs, but my photos do not cover all the incredible cosplays there were - there were so many that I missed because the people cosplaying were busy or our small crew was headed to a panel, etc.

When I started to take photos cosplayers, I eventually got to a point where I was looking for specific cosplays that I really wanted pictures of. As a long time LoZ fan, I told my friends, "If I get an incredible Link cosplay, my experience this con will be officially complete." ...and then this. I. Freaked. Out. Like, don't get me wrong, I freaked out at all of them, but this one was so perfect. His shield drew me in and god, I wish you could see his tunic better, because he was dressed so fine and the quality of his tunic was by far the best out of the whole convention that I saw. Then I saw who he was standing next to and holy crap, I was blown away! Ruby from RWBY with such a perfect weapon replica was standing with Dark Link of all characters... swoons I jumped up and down and literally squealed; Kayla looked at me with this look that I felt a necessity to apologize, then immediately ran up and just needed a photo. I LOVED THEM. I LOVED THEM SO MUCH.

I don't know who either of the cosplayers featured here are, but if you're them or happen to know where in the wide world web I can find them, please let me know so I can link to their profiles to whatever wherever c: