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Ed, Al, and dweebs by AshestoAshcraft

Ed, Al, and dweebs


25 May 2015 at 12:57:32 MDT

mutual friends tickets for a day at Denver Comic Con this year :D It was fragging awesome! I took soooo many photos of sooooo many cosplayers who did just some seriously amazing jobs, but my photos do not cover all the incredible cosplays there were - there were so many that I missed because the people cosplaying were busy or our small crew was headed to a panel, etc.

We all fanboyed so flippin' hardcore when we saw these cosplayers, Hue and I especially. We were like "OMG HOLY CRAP THAT IS ONE HELLUVA GREAT AL!" and they were taking a few photos, so we sat off to the side and waited to get our pic taken with them XD We also snapped a shot before they stopped posing of just them alone cuz they were too good not too c:

On the far left is my bff Hue, and on the far right is me, both of us lookin' like adorable dweebs who just met celebrities or something XD Unfortunately, however, I don't know who either of the other cosplayers featured here are, but if you're them or happen to know where in the wide world web I can find them, please let me know so I can link to their profiles to whatever wherever c:

You can find Hue by his username HueKazoo on several websites, but here's his twitter 'n' tumblr :D