Personal - Fursona Evolution Meme by Ashen_Oni_Creations (critique requested)

Personal - Fursona Evolution Meme (critique requested)


2 November 2019 at 10:30:52 MDT

Base & Meme by Min Ternier -

Decided to do this meme with all my past fursona's I did miss out 3 only cause one ended up just being an OC after a month and the other two were a humanoid and a feral dragon duplicate of the first main I ever had (wolf/dragon). But here we go!
You can tell my interest in bright colours kinda depleted as I grew XD

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Art © to Carlie Jaye Martin / Ashen Oni Creations / DO NOT USE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM!


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    Bioflux v3 is my absolute favorite!!!<3

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      Glad you liked her, sold her off with the suit a year back now. But I have some good memories with her V3 design :)

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        Oh... you are SOLD her off with the suit??! Ok(
        And your new fursona looks cool too^^"

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          Yeah seems I upgraded her look to the V4.1 The suit didn't get used so I sold the old design and suit together.
          And glad you think so :)