Art Trade Aniutqa by AshasCadence

Art Trade Aniutqa


13 January 2016 at 10:44:53 MST

Art Trade with Aniutqa of Asha with their Maksymilian. I love their Armanda race. They are so beautiful and innocent looking until you see their chompers and omg they are so badass after that. I enjoyed doing this trade. Something light humored and cutesy. Asha would totally hitch a ride on one of them. XD

I would love to do a trade again in the future. Thank you Aniutqa

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    wah,fatass Max strikes again XD love both of them and the concept!

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      XDDD omg

      I love max. The big chub. I had to pick him XD

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        you have to draw them again! I would love to see them having a nap or something ^^

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          <3333 omg yes. Adorableness. I totally would ;3;

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    Nygga!!! Love Max's expression XD

    This trade was fun! Love to make next in the future c:
    Thank you! <3 Great pic!

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      <3333 Your welcome. Your armanda's are so gorgeous!!

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        Thank you <33

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    Haha, when I saw the thumbnail of this on my phone earlier, I thought that was Max's tongue.

    Great work!

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      pff omg XD that would be awful and probably result in Asha being eaten XD