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Cynder femme suit by Artslave

Cynder femme suit


2 July 2015 at 20:50:23 MDT

Here's this dragon, that I guess is from a video game. I wouldn't know, as I live under a rock. I was born unn'er this here rock, and I'll DIE unn'er this here rock, like my fathers fathers father.

I am a lizard.

Cynder is also lizard, of the dragon variety. This suit took foreeeever, because I made alllll the things. She was fantastic, and I love how she turned out. The client was super super great to work with, and I highly advise if he offers you his money, taking it because he is just fabulous.

This was built on a resin blank by crystumes crystumes which was heavily modified with foam and apoxie sculpt. The horns are vinyl, as having 1,284 horns made of resin would make this head a million pounds, and would instantly snap the neck of my client, which seeing as how he is a great guy I would definitely not want to do. The head weighs about 2 pounds finished, maybe 2.5. I don't know, I'm not a weight scientist.

The bodysuit is obviously heavily padded, as the man wearing this for the photos has a flat butt and no boobs, as he is a man. He also is not a dragon, so the tail is sculpted as well. The arms have some padding in them, and oh yes he also doesn't have wings, those are fake too. It's all fake. ITS ALL FAKE. THIS WAS AN ELABOURATE HOAX, THIS IS NOT A REAL DRAGON. A PHONEY LIVES HERE. HEY GUYS COME LOOK AT ARTSLAVE SHE IS A BIG PHONEY.


The wings move with the arms sort of, so you can get some flapping going on- no you can't really fly, nobody try to fly. Unless you're a bird. Birds can do it.

Made a lot of accessories for her, including a collar, removable tailspike + tail collar? Cuffs, leg cuffs and I think thats it. But that was a lot.

I really enjoyed this one, was a lot of stuff I like to do - tattoos, horns, wings, etc. She sadly WONT be at anthrocon, but that's okay, I'm sure to see photos of her when she debuts at RMFC.

Protip: Don't be jealous of my photo backdrop, I know it's the best you've ever seen. No, I won't share where I got it. That's professional privilege. I will tell you, it's the best.

Commission for the super-awesome isteltheblue isteltheblue

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Visual / Sewing / Knitting


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    continues to chuckle at this awesome description

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    I find this description offensive for all penguins and the chickens with clipped wings in my coup. You're a monster.
    With that being said this suit turned out absolutely awesome!
    THEM BOOBS THOUGH- best boobs ever.
    Give him a crash course on how to deal with perves at cons cuz that shit is going to happen.

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      How dare you.
      You know my mother was pigeon poopenheimer.

      Yeah, I am going to give him a quick rundown of how to avoid unwanted attention, lol. The last time someone grabbed my not-junk in brokentail they got my girliest giggle and "NOBODY HOME" whispered in their ear.

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    That chicken tho <3

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      I love that chicken. <3

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    Probably one of the best suits i've seen. Oh, and a nice chicken there too.

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    If only I could give the description an additional favorite!

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      Thanks :D I had an audience while I was typing it, and I spent like.. three months on this fucking suit so I'm SO excited to see her done and how well I think she turned out.

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    Well, the poultry and quality of the work are nice. (Even if I find it a bit weird.)

    ...Hmm, I think I'm detecting some ambivalence in that description.

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      Thanks :) I'll admit I was a bit weirded out the first time someone approached me to do a female-lookin' suit, myself. Then again, I rock out a super buff lizard-dude(Although the running joke for brokentail in our Dungeons and Dragons sessions is that since the rest of the party are mammals nobody can tell, even though she's a lady, she's a lady with a Str of 20 so everyone assumes shes a he, and there's this cultural boundary where she doesnt understand gender pronouns so everyone is HE and SIR)- but this being my third, I can honestly say all of the folks who've gotten lady suits from me to date have been just a joy to work with, so I'm always down to do more, and I'm looking foreward to making others.

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        Yeah, I'd bet. It's fun to run characters like that.

        (That reminds me, I really should be backing you on Patreon...maybe I'll remember to get that into gear this month when my paychecks start turning up again.)

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    Can I have the sewing design pleaze?

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      I never use patterns. Everything is 100% made from scratch and unique for my clients.

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    Is it fore sale?

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      This was made on commission, and was around 3000$ USD if I recall correctly.

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    I want a cynder femme suit for my birthday which is November 2nd