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Panel Packed Punch by Arlyurl

Panel Packed Punch


Look out because here comes Super Arly! Taking down bad guys like the nefarious DR. ERO with her superhuman powers of forward momentum! How she does it is for only the greatest minds in the world to know! What secrets this bountiful maiden of brutal benevolence holds in store could be revealed in the next exciting issue!

Fun fun, and what my Super Marathon over the past few weeks has been leading up to. But hey, theres still more to come, so stay tuned for another thrilling episode of Super Arly!

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    This is super, super amazing, hun! Just so much awesome! The shape and shading on those legs is superb, I love the pose and concept, face is perfect and it's just so nice to see some good action-boobs. :P
    Your colouring on this is superb, by the way!

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    Gauntlets of milky justice! :D

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    Brilliant job Moo. ^^ Everyone feels much safer when Super Arly is around. And no one ever went without milk again...Justice. xD

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    Aha, so she is the milk-juggernaut! The power of forward momentum suits her well. Except when she's trying to do taichi and it backfires and she falls forward onto her tits :P

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    awesome work :) , great breast movement ^^, and yeah i love those lips ^^

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    Quite the epic punch right there hehe, random comic guy didn't know what hit him :p