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Arc Nova Unarmored Feral Reference Sheet (SFW) by Arc Nova

Arc Nova Unarmored Feral Reference Sheet (SFW)

Arc Nova

This is a giftart of my avatar/fursona as envisioned by fantasy artist AcidaPluvia ( ). Arc is ©me, but the art is ©AcidaPluvia. :)

As promised, I present to you the official reference sheet for Arc Nova’s feral form. This is the unarmored version, and one I’m particularly happy to show off. I consider myself very fortunate to have been granted the opportunity to work with Asyd on making this long-held dream of mine into a reality. In my mind there was simply no one better suited to taking the original concept art from Wolf-Nymph and creating something I can use for all of my future feral-based commissions. :)

Usually I have a lot more to say about my submissions, but Asyd’s artistic abilities really speak for themselves. There’s nothing I can really add that would do her talents justice, so I present her work to you as is and hope all of you enjoy it just as much as I do. :)

Thank you, Asyd, for all of your hard work on this! Not only am I proud to display it in my gallery, I’ll be proud to use it as the basis for all of my upcoming feral submissions. ^_^

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    Pretty cool poses! :)

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      I agree! She did a great job! :)