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Keep Calm and Speak Easy

Arc Nova

21 July 2015 at 21:16:16 MDT

This is a giftart of my avatar/fursona as envisioned by fantasy artist bix707 ( ). Arc is ©me, Scopie is ©Kalatash, and the artwork is ©bix707. :)

I’m not always the most organized of dragons. I try to keep good track of all of the art I get and keep it in a place I know I can find it. But sometimes things just slip through the cracks. This is probably the most glaring example. This was a very generous gift by my good friend Kalatash from many years ago, and for whatever silly reason not only had I forgotten I’d received it, but I’d even forgotten to grab a copy for my personal use. O_o;

I remember talking to and thanking them for it at the time, and I really liked the way Arc looked in that suit! But the image never made its way into my upload queue and I feel quite guilty about that. Well the guilt ends now! Enjoy this picture of my dragon and his close red panda friend Scopie sharing a drink together. Their date seems to be going rather well so far! :D

Thank you, Kalatash and bix707, for making this happen! And please accept my apologies for not publicly acknowledging it much MUCH sooner! D:

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