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…And for my Next Trick… by Arc Nova

…And for my Next Trick…

Arc Nova

This is a commissioned sketch of my avatar/fursona as envisioned by fantasy artist Margaret Carspecken ( ). Arc is ©me, Stu is ©Margaret Carspecken, and the artwork is ©Margaret Carspecken. :)

Little Known Fact: Webcomics were my gateway drug to the furry fandom. It’s true! Ever since I was given a book of Kevin & Kell comics as a gift I became fascinated by the concept of online comics and immediately began scouring the web for more. Faux Pas was only the second one I discovered, and it remains as one of only three that I continue to follow. It’s wonderfully illustrated, and features an enormous cast of characters!

So when I was fortunate enough to meet the creators of Faux Pas in the Furry Fiesta dealers den last year, I couldn’t not ask for a sketch commission! Here we see Stu from the comic practicing his magic talents (which, technically he doesn’t actually have,) only to get more than he bargained for. Fortunately Arc seems to be just as surprised as he is. Looks like the armordrake will be visiting the barn for a while. I really wonder what the cats are going to think of this. XD

Thank you, Margaret, for doing this for me! It truly is an honor to have a memento to remind me of my early days in the fandom. :)

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