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This is a section where I'm suppose to make myself look cool. Does it work?

I am neither mammal, nor reptile, avian, or aquatic...
I am a Flipping plant so deal with my persistence to always want to grow as a person!

All I do is art, and more art.., and the occasional role play.
I do venture outside though, mainly to walk my dog.
Then I wonder why I'm not outside more often because its nice.
Then I remember people exist. >>
I am very awkward and often immature as hell and a sailor so please mind my language.
I have a severe case of dyslexia so spelling mistakes are very common with me!
Distractions are also horrible and I often loose hours of work because I can't keep my eye off shiny things.
So forgive me if I don't respond for a bit!
I am Pagan or Satanist.. I skip the line of both depending on how you look at things.
In short, I am very science oriented and anything "supernatural" is just some kind of science that we haven't discovered yet.
On top of that I am a MAJOR Nature enthusiast and will fully stand up for animal abuse prevention and or nature preservation when I can!
(haha right, go outside more arb... >
> )
I'm actually pretty nice so send me a message any day or time... 3 am is
early for me so yeah :'D



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    Thank you for the watch

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      Your very Welcome!

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    weeeeeee, it's babadook

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      Lol ok TY for the watch and Friend Req :P

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    Thanks so much for the fav x3

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      Your very welcome :)