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This catchphrase is suppose to make me awesome.. does it work?
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I delete and do not respond to short pointless comments please put some actual thought into your comments an not just a single "lol" or ":)" Full sentences please.... @_@

Yes I do have a animal creature form for myself, but the main form I take on is not just a chosen identity that form does derive form great past lives and a connection to other worldly things.

Is this one form.. actually two?

A "Demonic" entity, and the inner "Spirit"

Yes, both creatures reflect complete opposites Evil, good, light and darkness, virtues and sins, hatred and love. This battle of the two sides is a major factor in my mind and my personality that which you will have to get to know me more to find out. Be warned however I am unpredictable, and it is very hard to gain my trust. So do not take me lightly and please do not assume anything at all with me. I am my own person and I express myself as I wish. If you do not like that please step away and leave me be.

Thank you.

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Draft Horse Rescue Needs a Logo! CONTEST!

on 2 August 2015 at 18:03:22 MDT

Me and my Husband are starting a draft horse rescue here in western Canada. We are at the finalization stages of getting everything legalized and getting a website up to get a fundraising event going. However we still haven't decided on a logo and theme colors.

here's where you come in :)

We need a logo and 2-3 theme colors for our rescue ranch.

Our name: Holding Star Stables

Slogan: Why wish upon a star when you can hold it and make that wish real!

We are specializing in draft horses and draft crosses, we rehabilitate them and when and if they become fit for adoption we adopt them to their new forever homes :)
We will also offer lessons and trail rides for those who wish to adopt but need a little boost to help them out in picking the right partner for them.

I'm not sure how long we will leave this contest open but it will be posted in multiple places and websites. I will be posting the entries here :)

The winner get their name, picture as well as website linked on our website in our sponsors and volunteers page permanently as our logo designer :3 Pluss you will be getting a full rendered commission from me :3

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