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We're Apple Monster Studios! owned and operated by kazulgfox and frosteefox

Our mission is to bring the joy of fursuiting to anyone by providing appealing, innovative, and memorable fursuits that will entertain and last for years to come!

commission/quote status: closed

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New website features and update

It's been awhile since we've had a good update so here it is!

New website features:

Fursuit Cost calculator!
here is a direct link we've had lots of requests for quotes, but we only give official quotes at certain times. with this calculator, you can get a generalized estimate on what a suit with the features you want would cost. remember that the total price displayed is ONLY AN ESTIMATE of the total cost. This form cannot and does not account for all expenses involved and the final price will be outlined in your contract if your commission is selected for production.
New work contract!
here is a direct link: We've revamped the our work contract, this is what us and you will agree to when you're selected for a commission. This is just a sample and specifics will change at the time of to commission.

Moving update:
We're still in our temporary housing and will move into our new apartment around the 6th of August. No estimate on when commissions will open after we move and get the studio set up.

New fursuit features:
I am in development of new features for suits, such as but not limited too: following eyes, no-worry washable heads, built in cooling systems and more

And that's all for now! if you have any questions feel free to ask! our artist is itching to get back to building soon :)

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    Ack, the link in the profile is missing the s on studios! X3

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      oh oh oh! thank you so much for catching that! X3 fixed!

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        hahah welcome! :3

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    I <3 your stompies!

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    Oh my goodness! I don't know how I've missed seeing all of your fursuits (Besides Kazul and Frostee, which are great)! These are amazing! Your 'roos! They actually have big 'roo feet! I don't think I've seen any suits that have such nice 'roo feet anywhere. And all of these suits have such expressive faces - so much personality. I really hope this doesn't sound creepy but I so wish I could visit and see how you work.

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