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Aoi the Eastern Dragon (Aoi Ryugoku) by AoiTheDragon

Aoi the Eastern Dragon (Aoi Ryugoku)


The updated ref sheet for Canon Aoi Ryugoku's Eastern Dragon fursona is here!! I love this badass dragon bean so much!! <3

So why are there two Aois? Well, there's always been two Aois even before I joined the furry fandom. You've got the official canon Aoi Ryugoku from Yandere Simulator, and then there's Fanon Aoi Ryugoku aka Aoi the Dutch Angel Dragon, my fanmade version of the canon Aoi of Yan Sim. I've always had a fanmade version of the real Aoi and once I joined the furry fandom and wanted to create my own furry AU of Yan Sim, I created a fursona for both Fanon and Canon Aoi! So with that very short and simple explanation out of the way, Aoi the Eastern derg is a much more aggressive and unpleasant dragon than Aoi the Dutchie. These two are basically polar opposites regarding personality! The Dutchie and noodle dragon often butt heads and the sweet Dutchie usually ends up getting on the nerves of the noodle dragon! But deep down, Aoi the Eastern Dragon does have a bit of a soft side and this can be seen on rare occasions where Aoi the Dutchie doesn't irritate noodle bean and the two end up getting along with each other...Sort of. The two dragons share a close friendship and bond with Megami the Lioness and if Canon Aoi and Megami are alone together and there's no one else around to bother them, Aoi drops her tough and aggressive personality and is very at ease chilling with Megami. It won't be easy seeing this aggressive dragon's soft side unless she's with Megami or if she isn't having a bad day with Aoi the Dutchie. Furthermore, if Aoi the Dutch Angel Dragon decides to leave for the Resident Evil Village universe to visit her friend Donna Beneviento, for example, that's where Aoi the Eastern Dragon comes in to take over the Dutchie's Student Council Enforcer duties! However, if this tough and badass dragon is on duty, then you better be careful and not be a troublemaker or you're in for a very unpleasant and (probably) painful experience! So be careful around this dragon!!

(amazing ref sheet by TheBanditHideout on Etsy!)

Aoi's Character Info


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    The composition of this artwork look great and the colors fits well in the art and the character itself is adorable too.

    i hope you keep posting more

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      I agree! The artist did a wonderful job bringing this character of mine to life! Thanks for your comment! ^^