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Just a Coyote doing arts.

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Terms Of Service

on 17 March 2020 at 18:23:44 MDT

I'm a pretty laid back person, and doing art is my passion. I want the best experience for both you and me. All that I ask is that you be respectful, patient, and considerate of not just me, but other people who commission me.


It is my intention to conduct business with persons 18 years of age or older. If you are under the age of 18 years, please have your parents or legal guardian contact me for any commission request.

Please communicate! As long as you are able to message within a fair time frame. (One to two days) Your commission may be placed on hold if there's no communication.

If you become irrational or rude, your commission will be canceled.

I will give you an estimated time of completion. Please keep in mind, that this is an estimate only, and should not be considered as an exact time of completion.

If you need a product completed within a deadline, inform me before first payment and we can discuss it.

Once an agreement has been reached, and first payment has been received, I'll begin on your commission as soon as possible. I will provide updates as I go.

I like to send WIPs (Work In Progress) of the commission to ensure it's going the way you like. Be mindful that these will be low resolution. These are good times to let me know if something minor can be changed. I won't be making any major changes unless it was clearly my fault.

I have the right to decline your commission.


I accept PayPal only.

I will send an invoice once an agreement on a commission has been reached.

I will require a half-up-front payment before I do any work. The other half will be required before the delivery of the high resolution image.

I won't accept "exposure" as payment.

Commission prices are estimates based on complexity.


Anthropomorphic Animals
Basic backgrounds/foregrounds


I do not draw complex mechanical designs (cars, planes, etc.) ((Synths and Protogens are fine))
Overtly violent situations (Like the Saw films)
Hate symbols, or symbols meant to show hate towards a group or person.
Complex backgrounds/foregrounds

If unsure, just ask me!

Thank you for considering me for your commission!

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