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CreatureBox Style Self Background by Anubins

CreatureBox Style Self Background


Based it off of the fine website design of, gonna edit it and use it for my work Tumblr (whenever I get around to actually using it)

Took an entire night from about 6pm to 2am since I designed everything from scratch

And yet still the horizontal paint lines look awful and just WILL NOT SHARPEN no matter what I do to them augh

I'll figure these things out eventually

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    This has my approval! Dave Guertin is a hero to me and creature box a place of constant fascination. I was so geared up and ready to throw my money at them when they were hyping up the monster books. To then have it not be with overseas shipping D: Devastating

    Either way! Absolutely love it!

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      Yeah, the monster books looked absolutely fantastic! Being English and all I couldn't get one either. The stylistic choices in their art is brilliance, some of my favourite works are theirs!

      I have also just realised this particular version of my own is outdated though - my actual theme I'm using on Twit and Tumblr uses a straight edge in the shape of a square speech bubble instead of the paint brush, as it bypassed needing to sharpen the brush edges. Looks more stylish too, what with more modern edges, hah!