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Jack Side Arc X: Hell's A Poppin' comic story page 8 of 8 by Antiquity-Varmint

Jack Side Arc X: Hell's A Poppin' comic story page 8 of 8


Page 8 of 8 of a new 10th Jack side story. Myself illustrated it with Darkwing Dude. I did the traditional comic art both penciling and hand inking with actual brushes and nibs, comic page layout designs, lettering, etc. Darkwing only did the actual writing script I worked from. Posted on Official Jack website More pages will come soon upcoming weeks. Thoughts on the comic page?

Finally, posted the final page. This comic story will be colored soon upcoming this month. So far, the eight pages story wasn't successful here on this site and any other sites. It was okay, the reactions was somehow too lukewarm and forgettable. Even reactions mostly being the same during test screening on discord before the release on sites. It's not disappointing, it was to be expected in reality with all the comic pages I made over the years. I will always keep on getting better, willing to accept that I will always be a deeply obscure artist which is fine. It's important to enjoy the comic art making, not the reactions of others. I won't mind looking forward to making some more Jack comic stories with Darkwing Dude, as he's the only furry at this point right now seem interested having my comic art services. I enjoy the practice working from someone else's script, added many changes of my own to them. This was a first working from any script not my own.

I really do enjoy showing off those comic pages to my co-workers and supervisors at my new job, they're all non-furries. Their reactions were definitely awesome, they were so impressed and couldn't believe I'm still working at the factory job xD. Well, there's no demand online for my comic art services tho. Some of them really enjoy the humor of some pages. It was wonderful, sometimes non-furries are the most fun as I can get to see their real life reactions on their faces not being behind screens. Furries often takes themselves too seriously, which can be difficult to meet their own exceptions online.

Will update this writing section here with more information about how this page was made and how changes to the script was made. Think it as a upcoming commentary soon to be added on how this page was made and what choices were made.

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