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Jack Side Arc X: Hell's A Poppin' comic story page 5 of 8 by Antiquity-Varmint

Jack Side Arc X: Hell's A Poppin' comic story page 5 of 8


Page 5 of 8 of a new 10th Jack side story. Myself illustrated it with Darkwing Dude. I did the traditional comic art both penciling and hand inking with actual brushes and nibs, comic page layout designs, lettering, etc. Darkwing only did the actual writing script I worked from. Posted on Official Jack website More pages will come soon upcoming weeks. Thoughts on the comic page?

This 5th page definitely had one of the most interesting developments, due to the faces in the 3rd panel drawn at the time. Kyle's face was drawn uglier and messier in pencils believing it can be cleaned up with simple ink lines. To my surprise, it came out rather awesome emotional looking face. Deeply effective on his sense of struggles in a deeply animated way that's hard to believe, especially for being drawn and inked in an insanely short time. Kept rest of the page very simple and straight to the point as possible, by using bold simple lines to save more time and effort. To present sense of what we already know before. Will update this writing section here with more information about how this page was made and how changes to the script was made. Think it as a upcoming commentary soon to be added on how this page was made and what choices were made.

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