Eevee Family by Angry_Koala

Eevee Family


9 July 2017 at 11:57:43 MDT

I'm never gonna finish these doodles so you guys gotta take 'em as is!

These were randomly doodled in between commissions then I added all the children on the bottom and Satoru's(and evil ditto's) faces on the corner there. So for anyone that doesn't know I do have eevee and all the evolution characters buuuut I NEVER drew them again and I think it's been 7 years now XD

So here they are again. Obviously Satoru's sons aren't in their evolutions yet. They're all cute tiny eevees that're learning about the big scary world. But it's okay because their tough mama is there to protect them <3 Oh yeah, and Satoru is the mama. Evil ditto done goofed this time and went after Satoru but to his surprise the guy could get pregnant! It's like a fuckin' pervert's hentai story or something! So yeah, evil ditto has kids. 8 of them to be exact. Satoru is a baby making powerhouse!

Oh also, I didn't draw the fluff on the neck because I just don't care for it. That and it looked weird when I had it at first so I tossed that initial design. But he does have chest fluff to make up for it~ :D

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