Race to the Finish by AngelusVulpes

Race to the Finish


15 October 2014 at 19:33:38 MDT

Been a bit longer than usual since my last submission, but here's why. Flash and two Reverse-Flashes. All characters are based on the suit designs for the new show on the CW. A bunch of Flash vs Reverse-Flash images popped up on line last week, which I used for the RF grabbing hold of Flash. Now, just so I'm clear. There is a picture of Danielle Panabaker standing in from of a poster for the show and it has Flash and Reverse-Flash on it. The Reverse-Flash is markedly different from the one in the set photos. So, because I'm me, I decided to do an image showing Flash and both suit designs as if one is Professor Zoom (Eobard Thawne) and the other is Zoom (Hunter Zolomon). I am not, however, gonna even try to accurately predict if there is even two Reverse-Flashes in the show and if so, who they are. For all I know, they're the same person and one is just a later version of the suit from the set photos. Only time will tell.

Also, in case it's not obvious, the one racing ahead is supposed to be Professor Zoom and the one grabbing Flash is Zoom. If you're at all confused, I wholeheartedly suggest you check out http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/Reverse-Flash

Enjoy the image regardless, that's really what it's there for. :)

Flash, Reverse-Flash, Professor Zoom, Zoom © DC Comics

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    interesting but professor zoom is also know as the reverse flash unless its the black costume.

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      I know that and I never said otherwise. I feel that I made it quite clear that both villains are Reverse-Flash and simply specified that one was Professor Zoom and the other is Zoom only to explain why there are two for people who might not know that multiple villains used the moniker. I apologize for the confusion, it was unintentional.

      Hope this doesn't come across as harsh as I think it sounds. Sorry if it does.

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        not a problem. i sometimes can't help myself when it comes to comic book characters.