-Bleu- lilac dreams by Angelos

-Bleu- lilac dreams


9 April 2014 at 17:30:52 MDT

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This was originally submitted April 9th 2014 on my dA account
on dA

UPDATE: Oh gosh I won so Bleu is now mine ;v; ❤

Third (mini) entry to adopt this beautiful Lepitsune from Jaywalk Jaywalk / jaywalkings@dA

//throws sunglasses at everyone

below is the original description from dA

It would seem.. every time I draw a pic it gets progressively shinier X"D Forgive me if I blind you pffft
Kinda more unconventional Tiny they're usually much less cluttered and shiny/glowy >w>;

The deadline got extended and I'm taking a break after my first exam since I got a few more free days before my next so I decided to do a little pic of Bleu in her bottle ❤ She originally arrived in just the plain bottle but her partner decorated it later with silver stars and wire [which sorta became more like string in this pic haha]
I think in reality the bottle was a bit bigger than this compared to Bleu so even fully grown she could still if she wanted to sit inside it fairly comfortably [as comfy as you can get in a glass bottle haha]

Normally I'd stay away from soft brushes and only use hard lines/shapes in Tinys but it's sorta hard to make things glow without soft brushes so after that I just didn't hold back with the gradient of her wing marks and the blush XD Her colours are so flexible wowww tried a more pastel colour scheme this time and it looks great too~

oh yeah that bit of pink on the underside of her ear is just the fur inside her ears poking out if anyone's wondering it does look a bit funny maybe I shouldn't have made the ears to poofy o3o;;

Well enjoy~ ❤
//hands everyone a pair of sunglasses XD

Character (Bleu) belongs to & Art © Angelos Angelos || Ange-ll-os@dA
Designed by & Lepitsune species closed species belong to Jaywalk Jaywalk || jaywalkings@dA

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