-Bleu- fairytale endings by Angelos

-Bleu- fairytale endings


6 April 2014 at 20:22:35 MDT

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This was originally submitted April 6th 2014 on my dA account
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UPDATE: Oh gosh I won so Bleu is now mine ;v; ❤

Oh look guys what do ya know I finished it this evening and I'm even uploading on the same day over here too! XD What an accomplishment!

I'm really proud of this pic ahh I hope you guys like it too!~ ;u;

Second entry for this Lepitsune by Jaywalk Jaywalk / jaywalkings@dA

below is the original description from dA

Do you believe in fairytale endings?

Annnd second [and likely final] entry for Bleu!~ Well unless I find time tomorrow to doodle in which case I may doodle a small mini or something between studying but yeah this is the last big one! Here you can see a bit more of her beautiful design than the last pic~

She wears the gold bell and white ribbon from her partner when she's out and away from home as a little bit of home to keep with her~ While she's home she only ha sit on sometimes cuz it makes it harder to not be seen/heard when she and her partner's best friend team up to prank and otherwise have fun at her partner's expense XD Sometimes while granting wishes the ribbon gets frayed and a bit burned by her stardust though she always later fixes it with some of her powers. She's kinda doing that in the pic that's how I explain why the ribbon glows/has sparklies coming off of it XD
[if you have no clue about what I'm writing refer to the previous pic of her here which has her pending chara info/backstory]

Uwaa I think I'm in love this was so fun to paint ;u; Used the marker tool instead of my very crisp pen to line so it would look softer c: I was gonna paint over the lines to make it more paintery but then I liked it like this so I thought I better not mess it up trying to paint over the lines XD The lighting was definitely my fav part to do GOSH SO FUN YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND :"D

I think my shading has been improving a bit? I've found I shade better when I darken everything then "add light" and slightly erase away where the light hits? I guess I think better that way than trying to imagine where all the shadows would go on a fully brightly lit subject XD I've also gotten a lot less reliant on multiply shading though I still use it on smaller stuff like chibis/minis/tinys sometimes cuz.. I dunno it sorta fits I find but I like how I've gotten away from it for these full pics~
I'm not sure if this is more or less glowy than the last pic of her I did XD There's the random glowing pile of stars [let's just pretend I was thinking of some deep symbolism or something lol like they represent wishes she's granted] and her wings and her ribbon. Was interesting having 3 light sources [faraway moonlight faintly, the stars, and her wings]
Pile of stars are kinda messy omg they took a lot longer to paint just like that than I would've thought XD I didn't want it to get too sharp/detailed looking though since then it might be a bit distracting so I got to this point and thought it was a good place to stop ouo;

Character (Bleu) belongs to & Art © Angelos Angelos || Ange-ll-os@dA
Designed by & Lepitsune species closed species belong to Jaywalk Jaywalk || jaywalkings@dA

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    I really love the coloring. Its really cute style too. I really dig the background a lot.

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      Ahh thank you very much!~ ;v; and thanks for the follow/fav as well

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        ^^ not a problem at all I had to when I saw how awesome your work is. ^^ <3