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Mummy Skye #2 by Angellothefox

Mummy Skye #2


24 August 2021 at 12:16:27 MDT

Mummy Skye#3
This time I desided to do something a little diffrent.
I desided to tell you the story under the discription. I got the idea from SDCharm's The Ottoline Tickle Pranks.

So I did a methared of the spotted wall and just keeping coping and pasting the wall.
I drew the background first which was the wall/floor/changing table and put them to one side with a red line so that it would not effect the rest of the commic. It takes quite a bit of work but in the long run it is a lot more shorter using backgrounds that you already have used before.
I made the diaper from a diaper tutorial on inkbunny. So enough about that let's begin.

It was Angello's second time with Skye and this time he was staying over the night. Skye was all parpared to welcome the adult fox cub to her house and even bought a adult crib from T&T. Later that day Angello was playing while Skye made him something yummy to eat. While she was in the kitching she slipped some laxatives into his babyfood because she wanted Angello to make her proud by been

a good baby and messing his diaper.
She returned but not before getting Angello in a high chair and putting a pink bib on him. Angello was been silly. Banning on the table and sticking his tounge out while Skye fed him. Which Skye did not mind at all. After food Skye knew they was something wrong with the way that Angello was holding his belly.

His belly made some weird noises before Angello clenched his fist and used his tail to hide all his mess.
"Good boy, you made Mummy so proude today Angello" She said but she needed to be certain it was mess so she patted the back and frount. Angello blushed as is squished and squelshed.
"Good let's get baby all cleaned up"

Skye lifted Angello up and holded him holding him by his messy diaper and put him down.
(Lucky for you that they is diapers infrount of Angello so you can not see his little-)
Skye put on some blue gloves and started changing Angello very delated. Angello came to the concludion that Skye put laxatives in his food and was not happy with Skye.

"Are you upset because I put laxatives in your food. Oh Angello your a baby. Your suposed to use your diaper just like mummy. But mummy can not use her diaper at the moment because Mummy has to take care of her little fox cub. Your such a cute stinky baby."
After a while of changing's playing and watching the cub channel on TV.

Angello tried to protest but he was on skyes knee so it was a little hard. After TV Skye put Angello to bed eairly. It was only 4.00pm
but sky said "Now Angello you know that babies can not stay up too late past their bed time now"
She put a pacifier into his mouth. Turned off the lights and raised up the crib as Angello finally drifted off

to sleep.

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