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Mummy Skye #3 by Angellothefox

Mummy Skye #3


24 August 2021 at 12:42:55 MDT


So I decided to combine both the mayor's story (YOU) and Mummy Skye story together.
If you have not read them go check them out now links will be in the description bellow
Mummy Skye
Mummy Skye #2
Also since this is the final part D: Yes I know I am going to miss these little comics with Skye in them too but I want to work on the rest of the animals in animal crossing.

So the things I have done to let the finally of Mummy Skye go out with a BANG!
We have Angellothefox both wetting and messing. We have poo on his tail ;) I know how some of you like that.
We also have this interesting style of what looks like wood to separate the comics.
I got the idea from the graphic novel of Terry Pratchett the colour of magic.
Oh and Skye is dressed like a goth.

Story time
You were exploring the shopping district.
Lucky for you the animals signed a petition to stop the diaper law. Good thing too because it was rather downgrading and humiliating for you and the animals that had to follow that law.
You thought since so much crazy stuff has happened in your town you might as well chill out and shop

at the shopping district. At least there nobody can remind you of your incontinence.
At the shopping district, you bumped into one of your villagers Skye. She was dressed in a black shirt and brown jeans with chains on.
She apologised about the rest of the villagers overturning the diaper law but you were glad.

It was not your idea in the first place it was Isabelle. You know she meant all well and good but that was kind of embarrassing.
She told you she was looking after a small fox cub but she tripped over a couple of her words. you thought alright let's see the little cutie.

It was kind of a big buggy but in your experience, you knew a few parents that shell out big bucks for something so big and the tiny baby is in the middle. You go and have a look and you saw big ears sticking out of the buggy and you thought that was odd.
You came around and you were shocked and mortified to find a 23-year-old blue fox wearing a diaper

sucking on a pacifier.
He looked like he had enough as if he had been playing this little game for a long, long time.
He groaned as you saw him wetting his adult diaper.
You did not want to be reminded of your incontinence like this.

What made it worse two shop owners came out running congratulating skye for buying an adult buggy...
No that could not be right.
This was embarrassing for both you and the blue fox since the two children that ran he shop was looking at this 23 year old fox and as he groaned again he started wetting but this time messing his own

It was already lingering like fish and poop the kind of fish smell that you was so custome in smelling.
So you expressly left the adult cub and the two kids to say how adorable he was.