(SC!) 011 - ArmoredKangaroo - Nuts Over You (Part 4) by Amber-Aria

(SC!) 011 - ArmoredKangaroo - Nuts Over You (Part 4)


23 December 2013 at 02:49:10 MST

(( Artwork originally posted September 18th, 2010 ))

Original Description Below:


Another sketch commission for my 100 Sketch Challenge.

Part 4 of 4, for Armoredkangaroo. After being fully squirrelfied, he... err, she finds a little smitten friend offering up the offending acorn as a present~ Aww~ <3 Not sure if this should be taken as a form of flattery or not. *laugh*

I love drawing TF sequences, but dangnabbit, inking four images in a row and trying to make sure they were proportionately the same was a pain in the butt. >.< Not discouraged from drawing more of these though!