Hello and welcome to my humble Gallery!
My name is Hinata but, I am also known as Amaterasu or Ammy and will respond to any of those.
I Am a Rabbit ・Fox Hybrid with bright red hair, Sparkly feathers, A fur pattern that looks like fire, and two different tails!
I love to talk a lot and meet new people so send me shouts and notes! but, I can be distant at times, Forgive me.
I'm a Gamer; I love to play games like: RPGs, Action Adventures, Fighters. Some times i get a little competitive.
I have been an artist for 7~8 years and I am always looking to improve myself!
I hope you will enjoy my artwork even though i am still amateur.

Commissions are OPEN, please note me if you are interested.


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Hinata Kurisu

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stream this weekend, with voice??? AWA too!

on 24 September 2014 at 01:54:59 MDT

Well... I finally bought myself a Mic. This thing is super cheap-O and some people I've talked to complained about it but eh. A Mic is a Mic. So this weekend possibly sunday or something I'll stream using my ugly ass voice for. How many if you are like omg about time. Aside from that, I'll be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta so yeah some of you may have the displeasure of meeting my lame ass in person, who knows

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    Hello thanks for the Accept ^_^

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    I really like your style <3

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    thanks for the follow ^^

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    wow I like the art XD

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    Thank you for the favorite <3

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      My pleasure :> you have a very cute style!