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My name is Hinata, But I go by Amaterasu.

I am a SCAD Graduate with a B.F.A in Video Game Design and a minor in 2D and 3D Animation.
I am currently a freelance artist persuing a game studio to work at
I'm pretty approachable and talkative so If you want to talk I'm always down!
But, I do have a terrible habit of randomly disappearing from conversations
because I become so caught up in what I am doing. Please forgive me.

Commissions are OPEN, please note me if you are interested.

Latest Journal

Commission Discount Incentives!

     Hello all! With my Patreon and SubscribeStar up and running (Albeit, a little bare bones at the moment) and my new new prices page available which you can access by clicking on"commissions" above, I've decided to have some incentives for people looking to commission me!

Patreon|SubscribeStar Rewards

     For people who subscribe to one of my monthly reward programs, you will also receive a discount based on the amount you pledge! If this is successful, I might extend these rewards to a permanent discount for subscribers, but we will see how this goes, for now, this is one time only.

• 5$ Tier - 1% discount
• 10$ Tier - 2.5% discount
• 20$ Tier - 5% discount
• 50$ Tier - 12% discount

     To claim your reward simply join the discord server affiliated with my Patreon|Substar to confirm your subscription and we will go from there. If you do not use Discord simply screencap your subscription message and send it to me in a DM

Referral Discount

     This one is a bit tougher to do because it puts more work on other people rather than yourself but lets begin: 
     If you link people to my commissions page listed above in a journal, retweet or any other way, you will receive a 2.5% discount on your next commission (You will need to link me to the post/tweet you made). If someone who sees that post would then commission me, that discount is increased to a 5% discount! so make sure you let them know to take a screencap of your post or have someway of letting me know that you were the person that sent them!! This discount can stack with the Patreon|SubscribeStar discount! But will only count once even if multiple people you link commission me.

     As always, Thanks to everyone who supports me and my art. feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments or DM me if you want to ask them in private.
     I hope you will continue to look forward to my art in the future!

- Amaterasu

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    Hello thanks for the Accept ^_^

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    I really like your style <3

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    wow I like the art XD

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      My pleasure :> you have a very cute style!

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        Thank you so much <3