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Hello ^^, I am a small town Canadian Furry, that is just trying to find her way in this colorful world ^^. I've been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and use it right haha, everyday I plan to improve and get more skilled at my art. I can draw humans, furries, and some animals. I am working my way up to everything, so I can expand my horizons on art :3.

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Help Me! & Get A Free Design!

I adore halloween!!, so you can imagine my joy when I realized waitress made a new base to make monster based fursona's!!. You can monster-fy your own or design new one's w!!. I really wanna get the base!, but in order to I would need $15 in USD's Dx. Like kids I kinda have a good but bad habit with money, end up spending it wisely yet to much in the same spot Dx. So I am outta funds now when I really should have waited D:. But wait! my needing help to get this base gets better!!, if you help me get the base, you will get these in return!.

A Free Monster Fur Creation or Your Fur Monster-Fyed
Along with: A Badge of That Monster Fur
-A full body commission of that Fur doing something halloween-ish
-And 2 icons of them in 3 sizes!! 50x50 , 100x100 & Original Size!.

Link to the Base:

Just by viewing it you can see how amazing it can be owo, plus this is a monster I adopted from Crazy-Peach-Adopt made from that very base!:

I love it so much, and am willing to do more art then described above for it ^^!

My Paypal is :

Case I find some annoymous pledgeer out there with this journal haha doubt it but I can wish lmao ^^;

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    Thanks bunches for hitting the +fav-button and following my work! ♥

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      Np ^^ ♥ your art is adorable and so soft and warm looking, I love the feeling I get looking at it :) great work ^^ ♥

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        Awwwh, thanks! That's so cute of you. ;u; ♥

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          cute? o//.//o dawwws you a make chloe blush x3 xD lmao! (Chloe's my tiger shark fursona) xP

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    Hello Hello and Welcome to my humble page of colors and beautiful idea's ♥ I hope my art pleases & amazis x3, I also hope your having an awesome day, and I'll chat later. Chow ~ ♥