My artwork consists largely of voluptuous furry/anthro characters with a fantasy style.
I do not draw pornography, I draw nudes.
Please do not ask me to draw porn for you the answer will always be no.

I like using earthy colours in my work and always try to maintain high standards throughout.
All my line work is drawn using real pens on paper which is then scanned onto my PC where I then go about the long process of cleaning and colouring it by hand using just a mouse.
I have tried using a tablet multiple times but I just could not get on with it and I always found I produced better results using a decent quality mouse (which if your interested in which one I use, it's a Razer Naga)

I do not role play as a furry because I have no interest in doing so.

I draw whatever I want regardless of what people think.
Page views, comments, favorites mean very little to me, Without them i'd still be doing the same work and uploading them somewhere or another. I simply just appreciate the small amount of interest my work gains.
I very rarely comment on other peoples works, much the same as adding them or favorite them, I'm very much a reclusive artist I suppose.
Ill accept almost any friend requests but please don't always expect to receive one in return (especially if your work heavily consists of sexual porn/fanart etc)

My other art sites which include many pieces that will not be uploaded here.


Commission status: CLOSED

I do NOT do free artwork so don't even bother asking me I will ignore your request.

Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoy my work.